Continuous Improvement


PORTUGALISOL constantly bets on the innovation and improvement of its methodologies and processes.

This way, PORTUGALISOL is certified to perform thermographic analysis which allows the evaluation of energy efficiency, identifying loss situations which, when corrected, contribute to the increase of equipment useful life and the reduction of operation costs.

Besides saving with your energy costs, it will reduce your corrective maintenance and help in sustainable development. This analysis also contributes to the acquisition and maintenance of environmental certification – ISO 14001.


PORTUGALISOL is certified by ISO 9001:2015 ensuring the conformity of its processes according to the best recommendations.

In addition, it promotes the continuous training of its employees for the application of LEAN methodologies in its processes, so that they ensure the best standards of quality and service to its customers.


PORTUGALISOL works with the most recent methodologies and technologies allied to a deep knowledge of the best working practices acquired through over 65 years of experience. This combination of factors translates into countless successful projects with its clients.